What a Week!

What a week! I would like to write a quick note of thanks to the students and parents of the Band of Pride as well as the Campbell County School District. First, the months of February and March are the busiest two months of the year for the Band of Pride. We are hosting important fundraisers, prepping for assessment, taking students to All State, participating in outside events like KMEA and Select, winter guard is in full force, seniors are taking college auditions, and about a million other band events are happening.

On top of that, our students are prepping for AP exams, third quarter exams, and they selflessly played in 10+ basketball games to support our athletic teams.

And that’s just a normal Feb/March! This year we also hosted a national guard competition for WGI for the first time. We lost a fundraiser and added this to make up for lost revenue. And then it decides to SNOW IN LATE MARCH! What the what!?!?!?

This week was filled with meetings about weather forecasts, frantic phone calls from winterguards in Wisconsin, Georgia. Pennsylvania, Illinois, and about ten other states. WGI was scrambling to make plans. We were scrambling to make plans. And through it all, our students remained patient. Our parents kept preparing. And our district administration weighed all the options.

At the end of the day, our district administration allowed the event to take place. They knew it was a national level event that was happening in conjunction with the Cintas Center and BB&T arenas. They knew WGI carried a million dollar insurance policy, assumed liability, and paid a rental fee for CCHS. And they supported the Band of Pride. Just like last week, when they provided transportation on the off-day to ensure our 7th grade band could attend KMEA concert assessment.

I would like to send a sincere and genuine thank you to Dr. David Rust, Mr. Joe Buerkley, Mr. Adam Ritter, and the entire CCS Board of Education. It is obvious, through their actions since coming to CCS, that this administration does NOT support athletics. They also do NOT support the arts. Dr. Rust and the Campbell County Schools support ALL STUDENTS. It doesn’t matter where the passion lies or where students are choosing to perform. Ever student is supported by the Campbell County Schools. I am proud to teach in a district that does the very best they can for each and every student. This is what makes CCS a special place for our children.

Thank you to our tired students for managing their heavy course load, their pep band responsibilities, and their fundraising responsibilities. I am lucky to teach such dedicated and passionate students. Keep it up, assessment is WEDNESDAY!

Thank you to our parents. You are the best Band Boosters in the state of Kentucky!

The Band of Pride is truly special! Thank you!

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend!

See you Monday at 7pm for our assessment preview concert!

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