Busy Week

Happy Sunday! (All of this information is scheduled to go out on Remind in a few moments. I’m sorry for the 15 texts you are about to receive!)

You are about to receive a series of texts about our incredibly busy and incredibly important week! Buckle up!!! We need 100% attendance ALL WEEK!

First, this is the first FULL week of school. BE PROACTIVE. Get organized. Do homework right away. Get enough sleep. Tell your family thanks for putting up with tired and stressed you. DO NOT FALL BEHIND ON YOUR SCHOOL WORK! Your friends in marching band are counting on you!

Leadership Seminar Students: Plan to stay after school tomorrow. We will leave as soon as the bus arrives. Bring $$$ for a fast food dinner.
Everyone else: Hornline/Percussion is 3-6, Guard is 5-8. This is a HUGE rehearsal! Everyone will be outside for at least part of rehearsal. Dress accordingly. 

BALLAD DAY! Everyone rehearses 3-6. We plan on learning as much drill as possible this day. YOU MUST BE THERE!

Homework. Sleep. Sleep. Homework. CATCH UP AND DO YOUR WORK!

BALLAD DAY TWO! Everyone 3-6. Same as Tuesday. We plan on learning as much drill as possible. Students that miss either Tuesday or Thursday will probably be too far behind to perform Saturday night! DO NOT MISS!

FOOTBALL GAME!!!! We will post the itinerary for the game tomorrow. The rough time is 5-10pm. More details will follow!

CAMP DAY!!! We rehearse 9-5 (with stadium time!), eat at 5, and DEBUT YOUR SHOW OFFICIALLY AT 7pm!! You will also get your show shirt! THIS IS A HUGE DAY! We will also have a guest with us for most of the day. He is a DCI and BOA finals judge! We need to THROW DOWN!

Last text!
We are in crunch time. Attendance and positive attitudes are CRITICAL to our success this season! This week is incredibly important! The itinerary for our FIRST CONTEST at King’s High School will be out some time next week. HERE WE GO!!!!!!

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